Letter to the Editor from Dorothy Odom

I attempted to take my recycling to the Recycling Center just north of Wausau today.   While there I observed two cars leave and two other people inside the front office trying to find an attendant.     Once he came from around back he told us we would need to line up at the […]

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Editorial by Jack Payne ………

By Jack Payne jackpayne@ufl.edu @JackPayneIFAS Weddings, U-picks, and corn mazes make Florida farms family places. You can take your kids to see, feel, and taste the real Florida. Those visits also help keep farming families intact. You see, most Florida farmers have day jobs off the ranch and beyond the fields. They can’t make it […]

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Letter to the Editor from the Chipley Christmas Fest Committee ….

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Chipley Christmas Fest Committee would like to thank our Presenting Sponsor Tobacco Free Florida and Event Sponsors Community South Credit Union, Metric Engineering, Gulf Power, Northwest Florida Community Hospital, Lane’s Outdoor Equipment, Chipley Garden Club, Capital City Bank, Chipley Woman’s Club, Sunshine Riding Trails, OneSouth Bank and Wells Fargo for […]

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Editorial Comment by Kathy Foster …..

I had an interesting confrontation with Washington County Commissioner Alan Bush this week at the Washington County Board Thanksgiving Day event. Bush brought up some points  I would like to challenge. Bush pointed out that he felt  I should not have written anything about a man being ejected from a meeting of the Washington County […]

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Letter to the Editor from Ron Jones ……..

Dear Editor,   Over the past few days I have received astonishing support from the voters and citizens of Washington County for standing up and voiceing my true opinion in regards to the direction our district 5 commissioner, along with a couple of other commissioners have been leading Washington County. It is my understanding from […]

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Jeff Atwater on ‘The Greed Report’ …….

Jeff Atwater on ‘The Greed Report’ …….

Dear Fellow Floridians: People commit acts of fraud for many reasons, but we’ve come to learn that any and all of these reasons boil down to one thing: greed. Greed drives men and women to lie, to cheat, and to steal from other honest and hard-working Floridians. A few months ago we helped bring fraud […]

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Guest Editorial – by Pamela S. Goodman, President, League of Women Voters in Florida ……

OPINION:   TIME TO FOCUS ON TEACHING, NOT TESTING By Pamela S. Goodman, President, League of Women Voters of Florida Florida’s accountability system is broken.  Due to its hasty construction, a third of the questions for 3rd grade reading are not directly aligned to the standards they are supposed to measure.  A lapse in the […]

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Open letter from Prince Eon Menckeberg

Open letter from Prince Eon Menckeberg

Oct 13 at 11:51 AM   For all my Chipley friends who have been texting and calling me and are wondering what happened to Me following the false and libelous allegations of wrong doing .. I Am bruised but I Am doing Great… It will be a year on October 30th , so I decided […]

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Jeff Atwater: Regarding the U.S. Senate’s Failure to Vote on the Iran Deal …..

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater today released the following statement regarding the U.S. Senate’s failure to vote on the Iran deal.   CFO Atwater said, “This week, I have watched the actions of the United States Senate in bitter disappointment. In what has become its characteristic clamor to do something–anything–the Senate postured […]

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CFO Jeff Atwater: Americans Deserve Discourse, Debate, and Decisions ……

CFO Jeff Atwater: Americans Deserve Discourse, Debate, and Decisions ……

I’m sure by now you’ve seen stories on the news or read in your local newspaper about the impending Iran nuclear deal and the Senate’s filibusters to stop a vote on the deal. What you may not know about this deal is that our state’s finances are directly implicated in it, and because I created […]

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Jeff Atwater: On teaching children how to save ………

Jeff Atwater: On teaching children how to save ………

In my role as Chief Financial Officer, I am offered an inside look at how financial education can benefit a family–and how a lack of financial understanding can work to a family’s detriment as well. The need for greater financial literacy has never been more clear than it is now, and never more necessary than […]

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Op-Ed: Bringing New Trade Agreements to Life

Op-Ed: Bringing New Trade Agreements to Life

  Increasing U.S. exports is a top priority for President Obama and our entire Administration. With our support, America’s private sector made 2014 a fifth consecutive record year for exports, selling $2.34 trillion of goods and services to overseas markets. Exports also supported 11.7 million private sector jobs in 2014, an all-time high.     […]

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Letter to Editor form Jennifer Griffin …..

Dear Editor:   On the afternoon of Thursday, June 18, 2015 the Department of Justice released a statement regarding errors in Covenant Hospice billing methods during 2009 and 2010. The language used in the press release from the Department of Justice was very harsh, rigid, and not 100% accurate. While it is true that errors […]

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Personal Comment by Kathy Foster

SHARE SOMETHING GOOD – IT’S WONDERFUL !! Lisa Beamer on Good Morning America – If you remember, she’s the wife of Todd Beamer who said ‘Let’s Roll!’ and helped take down the plane over Pennsylvania that was heading for Washington, DC back on 9/11. She said it’s the little things that she misses most about […]

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