Comments from Jeff Atwater Florida’s CFO       ……..
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Comments from Jeff Atwater Florida’s CFO ……..

A new year has arrived, and for many, January comes with the realization that saving money must become a priority after excessive holiday spending. With monthly bills coming due soon, it can be difficult to also think about setting aside some money for savings let alone for retirement. Every dollar you save today will pay […]

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Letter to Editor from Martha Compton       ……..
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Letter to Editor from Martha Compton ……..

To all:   On Wednesday, along with only a handful of others, Florida Panhandle Technical College was recognized at the annual COE meeting in Texas for 40 years of Accreditation.  As I reflected on the number of COE visits and the time and effort that this entailed from past and current staff, the only thing […]

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Op-ed from President Barack Obama on the Strength and Resilience of Rural America …….

WASHINGTON, Oct. 4, 2016 – By: President Barack Obama   I’ve spent most of my life living in big cities. But the truth is, a lot of what’s shaped me came from my grandparents who grew up on the prairie in Kansas. They taught me the kind of values that don’t always make headlines, let […]

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Op-Ed: Africa Could Be the Great Economic Success of This Century ………

By Penny Pritzker and Michael R. Bloomberg Over the last eight years, America has written a new chapter in our relationship with Africa. Under President Obama’s leadership, we have worked to transition our support for the continent from aid to trade and empowerment. We have started to build a full, equal, advanced economic partnership — […]

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Jeff Atwater on Protecting those who protect us: Our Military

Imagine trying to balance your family’s budget and make sure all of your bills get paid on time without having access to your online banking for 12 or even 18 months. Imaging trying to buy a house without having your spouse available for moral support, advice, or decision-making assistance. These are a few of the […]

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