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Letter to the Editor from Ron Jones ……..

Gentlemen, In light of the fact that the Sunny Hills Library may be closed, the Civic Association would like for the BOCC and the Library to entertain the possibility of donating the library books, computers and other equipment necessary to keep the library open to the Civic Association for the public’s use in our new […]

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Gov. Scott: Florida House is Playing Politics with Families’ Jobs ……..

Governor Rick Scott has written the below op-ed on the Florida House playing politics with Florida families jobs in advance of the House Appropriations Committee vote tomorrow to abolish Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida. The committee meeting is tomorrow at 1pm at the Florida State Capitol and includes many members who just last year supported […]

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Comments from Jeff Atwater Florida’s CFO       ……..
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Comments from Jeff Atwater Florida’s CFO ……..

A new year has arrived, and for many, January comes with the realization that saving money must become a priority after excessive holiday spending. With monthly bills coming due soon, it can be difficult to also think about setting aside some money for savings let alone for retirement. Every dollar you save today will pay […]

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