Wildflower Alrert:  Cardinal flower             …………
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Wildflower Alrert: Cardinal flower …………

Cardinal flower   This bright red wildflower (Lobelia cardinalis) stands out like a flag as it grows in wet areas along roadsides and waterways. It is in the same genus as some of the blue lobelias that also bloom in the late summer and fall.   The shape of the lobelia flower is distinctive with […]

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Wildflower Alert:  Skyflower           ……….
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Wildflower Alert: Skyflower ……….

From July through September you may be fortunate to see this very blue wildflower (Hydrolea corymbosa) blooming in large groups in wet roadside ditches. (There is a beautiful population blooming along Blue Creek road in Hosford, just south of state road 20.)   The plants may reach a couple of feet in height and the […]

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Wildflower Alert:  Leconte’s thistle         …….
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Wildflower Alert: Leconte’s thistle …….

There are six different species of thistle that grow in northwest Florida and the tall robust one with purple or yellow flowers that you often see on the roadsides in the spring is the Purple thistle (Cirsium horridulum).   But this is another more delicate thistle, Leconte’s thistle (Cirsium lecontei), that blooms later in the […]

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Wildflower Alert:  Flyr’s nemesis            ……..
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Wildflower Alert: Flyr’s nemesis ……..

I don’t know how this wildflower (Brickellia cordifolia) got its common name but I usually just call it Brickellia.   It is a rare plant, but native plant nurseries often carry it, and it does very well in cultivation.   It has also been found on some roadsides in our area, so keep an eye […]

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Wildflower Alert – Procession Flower           ………..
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Wildflower Alert – Procession Flower ………..

This sweet little pink wildflower (Polygala incarnata) blooms from spring through fall, growing in open and damp habitats.   The flowers are on a long slender stem that may reach twenty inches in height. The individual blossoms are bunched together at the end of the stem, and bloom over time in procession from bottom to […]

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Wildflower Alert:   Pickerelweed            ……..
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Wildflower Alert: Pickerelweed ……..

This is a perennial wetland plant (Pontederia cordata) that grows in wet ditches and along pond edges. It blooms from spring through fall. It can grow up to three feet tall with long wide heart-shaped leaves. It forms large colonies of plants. The flowers are a beautiful blue and grow in a showy spike at […]

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WILDFLOWER ALERT:  Largeflower Rosegentian          ……..
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WILDFLOWER ALERT: Largeflower Rosegentian ……..

There are a dozen different kinds of Rosegentians (Sabatias) or Marsh pinks that grow here in north Florida; nine of these have pink petals and four have white petals.   Of the four species with five pink petals, this one (Sabatia grandiflora) has the largest flower (larger than a quarter coin). It grows almost totally […]

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Wildflower Alert:  Showy milkwort
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Wildflower Alert: Showy milkwort

This wildflower (Asemeia violacea, formerly Polygala grandiflora) is in the Milkwort family; the flowers in this family have a similar structure.   There are two large “petaloid” sepals that look like and are the same color as the petals, and these are called the wings.   There are three smaller petals fused together with the […]

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Wildflower Alert:   Lanceleaf blanket          ……….
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Wildflower Alert: Lanceleaf blanket ……….

Lanceleaf blanket flower       …….      This wildflower (Gaillardia aestivalis) is sometimes called the Sandhill blanket flower because it usually grows in open and dry sandy areas.   One of the reasons it may get its common name of blanket flower is because large numbers of these plants can cover a large […]

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Wildflower Alert:  Climbing butterfly pea
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Wildflower Alert: Climbing butterfly pea

This perennial vine (Centrosema virginianum) grows throughout our area in disturbed areas, fields, roads, and open pinelands.   It begins blooming in June and continues on through September. The lovely flowers are over an inch wide and the colors range from light blue to a darker lavender, usually with a white spot in the center. […]

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