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John began, at the age of 17, computer programming in 1987. John attended WHAVTC where he began computer programming in basic and rapidly moved onto the C, C++, Assembly, Pascal languages progressing into the development of PC applications for local business owners.

At the early age of 21, John, was employed as a network engineer managing satellite systems, computers, database systems and writing custom software for a nationwide bank spanning the east coast of the United States.

In 1994, John opened his first computer repair business and has since transitioned throughout the IT and other industries.

In 1998, John also attended Gulf Coast College while also working in Network and Computer services. During this time John studied photography, graphic design and helped develop the colleges first digital image and art class. After leaving college, John Worked as the Digital Art Coordinator for Tim Allen and Associations where his job functions included photo restoration, design of marketing materials, managing the production of wide-format prints, laminating and managerial skills while working with clients.

Since 2000, John has been self-employed as a freelance web designer, photographer and programmer. In 2011, John opened Country Computer Service, in Vernon, Florida, where he focuses on PC/MAC, iPhone, iPad, iPod and electronics repair while continuing to develop and out-source web design and programming for clients across the country.

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