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Mondays with Pete: November 13, 2017 ………

Good morning;

This past weekend was marked with many Veterans’ Day celebrations – parades, remembrances, prayers and flag waving. We honored those who served in war and peace and those who are currently serving here at home and in distant lands. Before we put that holiday away and begin the rush of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, let’s pause on Veterans Day just a little longer.


Reach into your wallet or purse and take out some money – it doesn’t matter if it a coin or paper. On each of these, despite the wishes of some to remove them – are the words “In God We Trust.” Read those words as a prayer for those who have served our country in the military whether in times of war or in times of peace. It is through their efforts and sacrifice our country has remained a place where freedom and liberty is at home in our hearts and in the heart of our great republic. It is through their efforts and sacrifice that many countries around the world have found protection and humanitarian relief. It is through their efforts and sacrifice those who would see us defeated have many times hesitated to take on such a powerful nation and in other instances wished they hadn’t provoked us in the first place. From the days of the founding of our country more than 200 years ago, there have been those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.


It is in God we have trusted and built the foundation of this country in the bloody sacrifice of war. It is in God we need to trust as our country moves forward. Over the next few days thank those you know who have given a portion – large or small – to the defense of this great country and the ideals on which it was founded. Remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so you and I can enjoy the freedom in which we live.


But, more importantly this week, remember those who are currently on the battlefield in foreign lands as you read this message. They are citizen soldiers who have volunteered to be in harm’s way for our country. Whether you agree with the war they fight or not, lift them up in prayer as they fight and may be wounded physically and mentally or pay the ultimate price. Pray for the families left behind getting little information and worrying about the phone call or visit from those in uniform. Will you pray with me today? Will you say a little prayer today each time you see or handle or coin with the words “In God We Trust?” I hope you will.


Dear Lord, for those who have fought and died on the battlefield, I pray a prayer of thanksgiving. They have served and given of themselves so our country can live in freedom. I pray today for those on the battlefield this very moment. I pray for their families as they wait in fearful anticipation and hopeful expectation. Surround them with your grace and love. May they feel you hold them close in times of doubt and danger and hopelessness. May your presence be made real to each of them as they seek your protection. I pray for the leaders of our country that they may find ways to end war and the sacrifice of human life. I pray for our enemies and ask for your presence be made real to them as well. I thank you, Lord, for the abundance and freedom with which you have blessed this nation. Help us to return to you as the foundation on which we were created. These things I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Rev. J. Pete Hyde, Senior Pastor
Santa Rosa Beach Community Church
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