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Op/Ed by Kathy Foster

There are people in our community reaching out for assistance and yes, they are not all just too lazy to do something for themselves.


I spent Saturday morning at the food giveaway hosted by the First Methodist Church in Chipley and found a lot of friendly and kind individuals standing in lines waiting for assistance and they were appreciative.


More than 200 people signed up to receive food.  There were people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.  Some were in advanced age and still taking care of family members with problems, others had their own health issues and couldn’t work, other situations included low paying jobs, being laid off from work, and the lack of jobs in the local area.


Those on the receiving end were grateful for the help they were receiving.


Hats off to the men of the church who hosted Saturday’s event, and to the volunteers who assisted them.


They bagged the food (to make sure every recipient received the same amount of food) provided through Feeding The Gulf Coast, helped dispense the food, and even carried the bags of food to vehicles for those who needed help.


It was nice to see others being helped and good will being expressed.


Hats off to 1st United Methodist and the other churches working with Feeding The Gulf Coast in our area – it means a great deal to a lot of people.




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