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Wausau Council sets Nov. 9th Workshop ………………..

Council also considering a park at the ‘Old Swimming Hole’


by Kathy Foster


Wausau Councilman Dewayne Carter received support Thursday night’s Wausau Council meeting when he put forth the idea of developing a park at what he termed “the old swimming hole”.  He indicated he would like to have community input on the project which he said would be in long-range plans for the community.


Wausau residents are expected to receive and community building/fire station through legislative funding.  A discussion also surrounded exactly where and what purpose the new facility would have in the long-range plans for the town.


Council members talked with Jeff Carter (Fuqua, Milton & Carter) about developing several new ordinances dealing with animal control, code enforcement, and litter control – and said they wanted ordinances with “teeth in them”.


Mayor Roger Hagan closed the meeting by reading a letter of apology from one of the juveniles who broke into the concession stand at the Possum Palace.  The Town worked with Teen Court to discipline the young people involved in the case to prevent them from having the incident on their permanent record.


Council members also took the following action:

  •  Approved payment of Town bills.
  •  Accepted the minutes and training records from the Fire Department.
  •  Approved minutes from the Aug. 10 and 22, and the Sept. 14 and 28 Town Council meetings.
  •  Declared air condition at the Carr House as surplus and voted to donate the unit to the In-Gathering  Worship Center in Marianna.
  •  Reminded the community of the Oct. 19th Department of Transportation Public Hearing on the Hwy 77 project.






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