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Chipley City Council looking at Citizen Advisory Committee for Flag Display debate ………..

Dawn Viet claims no rules to display the U.S. Flag and says “nothing was done in disrespect”.


by Kathy Foster


Closing out Monday night’s Chipley City Council meeting, council members heard from a very upset Dawn Viet who has been putting out the American Flag Display in downtown Chipley for the past 18 months.


Viet expressed displeasure with city officials for not contacting her about complaints raised concerning the flag display at their November 5th workshop session.  Viet noted that she had never received any thanks from city officials for her work in establishing and maintaining the current flag display.  Viet said she simply “wanted people to drive through downtown Chipley and smile” and maybe not dwell on the conditions of many of the downtown buildings.  “We need something to be proud of,” said Viet.


She also thanked the hundreds of people she said reached out through Facebook to praise her for her work.  “The people love the flags,” said Viet.


Stating that she had put “her heart and soul into the project”, Viet said she definitely meant no disrespect to the American Flag.


While Viet initially said she would not be putting the flags back out,  she later nodded agreement that she would work to have the flags on display for Veteran’s Day 2017 (Nov. 11th).


Before closing Monday night’s meeting the councilmembers set a 6 p.m. Special Meeting on Oct. 19th to discuss the establishment of a Citizen’s Advisory Committee and a possible ordinance setting out requirements for continuing the flag display.


Councilman John Sasser asked that the flagpole staff holders put in place years ago along Hwy 77 in the downtown area by the Chipley Lion’s Club be examined to determine if they can be used for the current flag display rather than utilizing the flat based holders currently in use.  He felt the change might keep the flags from falling over.  He also said he would like to have flags displayed along Railroad Avenue as well as Hwy 77.


Councilwoman Karen Rustin assured Viet that she didn’t want to see the flag display go away, but just be displayed differently to meet the Flag Code.  She said that was the primary complaint expressed at the workshop.  She also pointed out that those speaking out at the workshop also had a right to be heard.


Viet said in her opinion there were no requirements for displaying the U.S. Flag other than it is displayed with “love and respect”.


Councilwoman Tracy Andrews spoke out asking that a committee be formed to address the entire issue.


Her request was supported by former councilmember Cheryl McCall who commented,  “There won’t be a conclusion tonight.  Establish a committee.”






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