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Chipley Council addresses complaints about flag display ………..

Chipley residents were on hand at Thursday’s council workshop to ask Chipley’s elected officials to take a look at setting up rules for flag displays that include the American Flag.


by Kathy Foster


The Chipley City Council closed Thursday night’s workshop addressing complaints from the public concerning the display of U.S., Texas and Florida flags on display in downtown Chipley.


While those speaking liked the fact that the flags were placed on display for American holidays,  they voiced concern over how the flags are displayed (the fact that the American flags are displayed at the same level as the state flags), the danger of the flags falling into the roadways or blocking the sidewalks,  and that the flags are not properly illuminated as required by the U.S. Flag Code.


While no decisions or actions could be taken at the workshop,  council members said they would address the issue at their Oct. 10th monthly meeting.



Dealing with other issues at the workshop,  council members addressed the following:

  •  Public Hearing on Ordinance No.  945 – Natural Gas Rates.  Council members said the proposed rate hike is needed to reach a “break-even” level for the City’s Gas   Department.  However, they added that the average user won’t see much of a change.
  •  First Reading of Ordinance No. 946 which gives “more teeth” to the existing ordinance.
  •  Discussed a Special Event Application for the 2018 Relay for Life event to be held Pal’s Park on April 27, 2018.
  •  Discussed a Speical Event Application for the 2017 Chipley Christmas Festival to be held Dec. 1st from 4 to 9 p.m. in Historic Downtown Chipley.


Council members also received reports from the following department heads:

  •  Fire Department – Responded to a total of 22 fires during September, 12 within the Chipley City Limits.
  •  Planning & Zoning Department – Issued 2 land use compliance certificates, 1 tree removal permit, and 2 construction permits.
  •  Recreation Department –  Announced soccer practice has started, with 122 participants signed up, and that games will start Oct. 12th.
  •  Water Utilities Department – Stated that while not all reports were in for September, there were no violations for the city’s Wastewater Reclamation Facility for the month of September.  Also reported there were no reportable problems with the lift stations and that the bacteriological samples from the water wells for the month of September passed.





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