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Wausau approves 2017-2018 Town budget ………

Meeting twice Thursday night, the Wausau Town Council voted 5-0 to approve a $485,390 budget for 2017-2018.


by Kathy Foster


The budget breaks down as follows:

  •  General Funds – $125,560
  •  Water –  $185,300
  •  Street – $15,200
  •  Recreation – $19,700
  •  Fire – $42,860
  •  VFD –  $26,050
  •  FRDAP Phase IV – $44,750
  •  FRDAP Phase V – $25,970


After finalizing the Town Budget,  councilmembers also dealt with the following agenda items in a separate meeting:

  •  Voted 5-0 to hire Fuqua, Davis, & Carter as attorneys for the Town.   Jeff Carter will serve as the Town’s primary contact in the firm.  Wausau will pay the firm $500 a month and Carter will attend every other Town meeting.
  •  Received information that Waste Management charges will be going up for the Town, as well as residents using the garbage service.  A price adjustment was calculated based upon the average change in Consumer Price Index for the 12 months ending in July 2017.  The calculation resulted in an increase of 1.88 percent; the current rate will increase from $13.41 to $13.66 per month for residential service.
  •  Announced that a certified letter had been sent to the Wausau resident whose animals had been running the neighborhood (cows, a goat, and peacocks) and that appropriate action had been taken by the homeowner to repair a fence.
  •  It was also announced that another certified letter had been sent to a second homeowner whose dog had been running loose.  That individual was notified should the problem continue he could be cited and fined ($150 for the first offense and $500 for any repeat violation within five years of the previous offense.)  That homeowner was also directed to register their dog with the town.
  •  One potential lawsuit being brought by Lynn Gothard was turned over to the Fuqua, Davis & Carter.  Gothard is alleging that when she attempted to purchase a political ad in the Possum Festival book when she was running for County Commissioner in the District 5 race she was told she was too late; however, she said 10 people successfully placed campaign ads after she was turned down.


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