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Adult Education Opportunities Abound at Florida Panhandle Technical College in Downtown Chipley, Florida

Having trouble finding a well-paid job?  Maybe your skills could be improved, or enhanced, to allow you that better employment opportunity.

Florida Panhandle Technical College in downtown Chipley, Florida not only offers over 40 degree and certification programs as diverse as welding and cosmetology, automotive mechanics and cyber security or truck driving and dialysis, but now FPTC also offers a great opportunity to complete your high school equivalency.

A GED, or high school equivalency, is mandatory for most good jobs, and many people simply need a few refresher courses to successfully complete their equivalency requirements and get on the road to earning a good living.

For the second year in a row, Florida Panhandle Technical College has seen a significant increase in enrollment for the wide array of programs currently available on the downtown Chipley, Florida campus.

Providing ‘A career in a year’ for many well-paid jobs, the college allows retooling of a person’s life through education, enabling immediate jobs upon completion.

Florida Panhandle Technical College has also enjoyed a strong dual-enrollment from local high schools, allowing graduating seniors to have a marketable job skill which they can use to help pay their way through a traditional four-year college, should they follow that career path.

A visit to the FPTC campus on Friday, August 25, 2017 allowed an up close-and-personal look at start of the new school year, as seen in these photos by Real Florida Media, a subsidiary of The Goulding Agency in Chipley, Florida.
FPTC currently offers programs as diverse as Licensed Practical Nursing, Pharmacy Tech, Patient Care Technology, Networking, Electrical, Law Enforcement and Corrections, and Heavy Equipment Operator.

Contact Florida Panhandle Technical College Student Services at 757 Hoyt Street in Downtown Chipley, Florida, visit our website at or give us a call at 850-638-1180 (Ext. 317) for more information.

See more photos on Facebook at Real Florida Magazine and listen to interviews with school officials, business owners and community leaders on FPTC Radio, the voice of Florida Panhandle Technical College at


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