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Wausau Council thanks Goodman for his service ………..

And approved a tentative budget for 2017-2018 at Aug. 22nd meeting.


by Kathy Foster


The Wausau Town Council was joined by County Commissioner Tray Hawkins and Sheriff Kevin Crews Tuesday night for an opportunity to thank Jeff Goodman for his service to Washington County.


Aug. 31st will be his last day as attorney for a number of local governmental entities.


He will be invested as Judge on Sept. 8th and will begin working in Bay County.











In addition to recognizing Goodman for his service Council members approved a motion to advertise for 1st public hearing on their tentative 2017-18 budget on Sept. 14th.



2017-2018 Proposed Budget Summary All Departments


Income                          Expenses                    W/o Grants

General Funds            $125,560                         $125,560                      $125,560

Water                            185,300                          185,300                        185,300

Street                              15,200                            15,200                          15,200

Recreation                      19,700                            19,700                          19,700

Fire                                  42,860                            42,860                          42,860

VFD                                  26,050                           26,050                           26,050

FRDAP Phase IV               44,750                           44,750

FRDAP Phase V                25,970                           25,970                          414,670


Budget Highlights


  •  The 2017-2018 Budget is balanced at $485,390 with grants included; without grants $414,670,  The Town is still in good shape.  The budget is down due to the close out of the SVOP Project and the George M. Rogers Park.  All state funding is up a small amount.
  •  Raises are calculated at 5% across the board.
  •  General Funds:  The transfer amount of $7,000 to fire is due to unexpected expenses in the 2016-17 budget and is earmarked for the Engine payment in December.  At the request of Mayor Roger Hagan and Council member Paul Culbreth, the Clerk’s hours are still 32 per hours per week, but with majority of the Council wanting the office to be open 5 days a week and with not enough General Fund revenues to support an extra position the Clerk proposes:  Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with one hour for lunch and Friday from, 8 a.m. until Noon.
  • Florida League of Cities Insurance is up approximately 6% this year or keep hours same as now.
  • Health Insurance will now be split between Water and General Funds but is down approximately $1,000 per year.
  • Water:  Water Department will be paying back to General Fund the $13,000 that has been on the books for several years.  The water/garbage sales have been lowered due to anticipated and current FDOT acquisitions.  The tractor payment and the land payment will be paid out of Water this year.  Also budgeted in Water is a 20-hour employee at $10.00 per hour.
  • *  Street:  Street budget is up some this year however, these funds are restricted for road use only.
  • Fire:  Overall this item is about the same as last year down about $1,000.
  •   Recreation:  Budget includes anticipated funding of $1,2000 from Washington County.  Washington County has proposed to fund $25 per child that signed up during the 2016-17 season and the Town had 48 signed up.  The Town will certify each year the number of kids signed up for each sport offered.
  •   FRDAP:  All grants should close out within this Fiscal Year.


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