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Roulhac Middle School enjoys Solar Eclipse ……..

At approximately 1:30 PM CST on Monday, August 21, 2017, a large group of students enjoyed a break from the school day as the earth experienced a total eclipse of the sun.

The location for the event was the courtyard of Roulhac Middle School in downtown Chipley, Florida, and the students were accompanied by teachers, a few parents, representatives of the SWAT team and Washington County Superintendent of Schools Joe Taylor.

Wearing a commemorative tee shirt, Taylor addressed the students in the school auditorium prior to the solar event, part of an intense safety education effort in conjunction with the eclipse.

Interestingly, the afternoon was not time off for the students, in spite of the lightheartedness of the event, because solar eclipses, along with other celestial topics, are actually part of the curriculum for these students.

Real Florida Magazine was embedded in the school day, historically preserving the event in photos and video clips, which will be used to produce a documentary for the school as a way to remember the occasion, as seen in these photos by Debbie Goulding on Monday, August 21, 2017 for Real Florida Media, a subsidiary of The Goulding Agency in Chipley, Florida.

See more photos along with the video clips on Facebook at Real Florida Magazine and online at, and listen to interviews with Joe Taylor, school teachers and other public officials and business leaders on FPTC Radio, a service of Florida Panhandle Technical College, at



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