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‘Friday Night Lights’ Embodies Mom, Apple Pie and Patriotism In Local High School Football

Disclaimer- This article is, at least partially, editorial in nature, and does not necessarily reflect the attitudes or opinions of Foster Folly News, it’s owners or advertisers.

We in Northwest Florida live in one of the (seemingly) last bastions of sanity- embracing the freedoms for which many of our family members have made, and are still making, the ultimate sacrifice, living strong and pure, and embracing a sense of community, a respect for hard work and a love for our neighbors.

Unfortunately, in some places right here in the United States, patriotism and that sense of community has flagged- replaced by cynicism, divisiveness and hatred- in many cases fueled by ‘Fake News’ and those who would like to see America besmirched, even at the expense of their journalistic credentials.

In some of these instances, patriotism, or love of country, is being confused with politics, or love of money, power and influence, and the results are less than stellar.

The Chinese curse, ‘May you like in interesting times’, is appropriate, as we see much for which we have fought abandoned in favor of government handouts, campus ‘snowflakes’ and protesters too embarrassed by their actions to show their faces.

If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail, and if you are determined to find racism, sexism, misogyny and any other hate-filled lifestyles, you can do so.

We submit, however, that if you are concerned with your own family and community, if you are hard working, living right, loving life and supporting those around you, there is room in your life for nothing but respect for others.

If you are still reading this, you are probably of a like mind- appreciative of what we hold dear and fast here in ‘The Real Florida’- and raising your families to respect others, worship and enjoy the blessings given by God, and appreciation for the little things.

If and when you feel less than optimistic about our future, simply make a visit to our local schools, and see the hard work put in by our teachers and administrators, coaches and students, with resulting high levels of academic achievement and athletic success.

We have been taking a close look at the preparations for regional high school football, and, in a series of photo galleries, paying homage to the players, coaches, marching bands, cheerleaders and support staff, all who work ‘behind the scenes’ to bring you ‘Friday Night Lights’.

Here is a look at yet another aspect of that Friday evening spectacle, this time focusing on the ROTC, whose members give not only a shiver of patriotism on Friday nights, but who on every day on the school campus work to help produce fine young adults on the road to maturity, wisdom and yes, patriotism.

Join us on the gridiron every Friday evening as we celebrate victory and defeat, humility and pride, adversity and courage, passion and sportsmanship, aggression and technical skill- in ‘Friday Night Lights’- not just a football game, but a representation of life in small town America, and why we live right here in ‘The Real Florida’.

See more photos, video clips and interviews on Facebook at Real Florida Magazine and listen to the broadcast of the football games and other local events on FPTC Radio, the voice of Florida Panhandle Technical College at




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