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Wausau Council congratulates Red Sox team ……….

The 11-12-year-old Ponytails District Champs were presented awards for the 15-0 season.


by Kathy Foster


Council members had voiced their pride in the girls at their last meeting, but Thursday night the team members were present for a reception and awards presentation.





Team members and coaches — Team members .. Bailey Hall, Emma Smith, Olivia Mathis, Zarah Dernbach, Ariel Chenaux, Emma Holliday, Madison Yarbor, Allie Byrd, Kiersten Myer, Kadyn Carter and Kati Riley; and coaches  ..  Tony Hall, Quinton Riley and Tom Myers.


The Wausau Recreation Department has spent several years working to rebuild the community’s rec program for which the town was known and all concerned were proud to see Thursday night that their efforts are paying off.


Wausau Mayor Roger Hagan pointed out that this is the second year in a row they have had a winning team.  “They had a great season,” noted Hagan.  He praised the parents and the coaches who worked diligently with the young ladies.


The Rec Department reported plans are in the works to improve the rec fields and added lights are needed on the fields.


Council members voted 4-0 to give department authorization to move forward with the work.







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