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Chipley Council says some may see gas rate increase, but others will see decrease ……….

Responding to information presented at their workshop last week,  the Chipley City Council voted Tuesday night to work with the information provided by Florida Gas Utility that will see some residents pay more for their gas, while others will see a rate decrease.  Council members said the changes are needed to get the city’s gas department back in the “positive” situation.  Council members said the average user’s bill is expected to decrease.  The city will be working with Florida Gas Utility to develop a marketing plan to give gas users a good working knowledge of the rate changes.


by Kathy Foster


Council members also approved the following agenda items at Tuesday night’s meeting:


  •  Ordinance No. 942 – Amendment to Chapter 20 – Zoning.  This will update the Land Use Amendment fees to correspond with current city Policy and update the position which is responsible for enforcement of this section of the City Code.
  •  First Reading of Ordinance No. 943 Comprehensive Plan Amendment which updates the Capital Improvement Element and the Five-Year capital Improvement Schedule.  This will update those elements of the City of Chipley comprehensive Plan.
  •   First Reading of Ordinance No. 944 Comprehensive Plan Amendment – Future Land Use Map.  This updates the land use designation on two parcels of land.
  •   2017-2018 Budget and TRIM Schedule which sets the dates for the TRIM process in order to set a Millage Rate and Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018.
  •  Appointment of Guy Lane to the Florida Gas Utility Board.
  •  Appointment of Brock Tate as Chipley Recreation Director.
  •  Appointment of James H. Cook as Water Utilities Director.
  •   Gas Main Extension for South of I-10.  This will allow an 8-inch gas main casing to be extended South of I-10 at a cost of $45,300.


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