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Senator Bill Nelson makes stop in Chipley ……..

On a fact finding trip through the Florida Panhandle,  Nelson talked with local residents about their concerns with the Federal Government.


by  Kathy Foster


A guest of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce,  Nelson was in Chipley on Tuesday specifically to gain input on how local people felt about how their elected officials were doing in Washington D.C.


A fifth generation Floridian,  Nelson has relatives in Washington County and said he has great-great and great grandparents, as well as a grandfather buried at Orange Hill.  Proud of his heritage,  Nelson said his family came to Washington County from Denmark in 1829.  “My roots are right here in Washington County,” he added.


Fielding questions at the luncheon, Nelson said he had been all over the Panhandle in the past several days hearing from the people he represents and he appreciates their comments.


Nelson covered the following topics as he talked with those at the luncheon



  •  Asked about what was termed the constant stream of lies that are being put forth  —   Nelson said those in Washington are constantly being bombarded with  “breaking news”.  However, he said they now have a group of bipartisan legislators working together and he hopes the tone will change.  He added that he is hopeful the senators will debate the issues.   “I am hopeful that when we get together on health care, then we can get together on other issues,” he said.


  •  Asked if he saw Russia and North Korea as real threats  —  Nelson said he feels that North Korea is the greatest threat next to Russia.   Commenting that Russia is continuing to meddle in elections around the world,  Nelson also expressed his opinion that the current North Korean leader will do everything he can to get exactly what he wants and that is a big problem.  He said the U.S. tried to get China to intercede with North Korea but added: “China didn’t do squat”.  He also explained,  “We have 25,000 American troops in South Korea and we don’t have a good choice.”


  • Asked about his position on ‘greenhouse gases’  —  Nelson said he has seen the impact of greenhouse gases along the coasts of Florida where sea levels have risen around five inches in just a few years.  “People living along the shores should be concerned,” he commented and added that he feels the rising waters will eventually impact many military bases around the world.


  •  Questioned about his position on the injection well Waste Management wants to place at their landfill in in Jackson County  —  Nelson said he has met with elected officials from throughout Jackson County and they are opposed to allowing the injection well for landfill sewage at that location.   “They are up in arms,”  said Nelson.  Additionally, he is opposed to bringing in garbage from elsewhere in Florida, as well as from Georgia and Alabama.  Nelson said he has requested information from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection which he has not yet received.


  •  Asked about the possibility of Amtrak returning passenger rail service across the Panhandle — Nelson said he understands that is in the works, but voiced concern that President Trump wants to “zero out funding” for Amtrak.


  •  Asked about the country’s failing infrastructure  —  Nelson said it always comes down to funding and added that the country has more than 50,000 bridges in trouble, along with roads and other federally-funded structures.  He also said funding is needed to bring broadband services to rural areas to put them on a level playing field for economic growth.


  • Questioned about America’s educational system  —  Nelson said in his opinion education should always be a top priority.  “We have to keep a competitive  edge and that only comes with a good educational system.”




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