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Chipley Councilman Tommy Sasser talks to Kiwanis Club ……..

Pointing out early that he was only giving his personal opinions,   Chipley Councilman Tommy Sasser told Kiwanians this week to remember that he was only one of five individuals on the city council and he certainly didn’t speak for his fellow council members.


by  Kathy Foster


Following up on some questions put to Chipley Council candidate  Tracy Andrews at last week’s meeting of the Chipley Kiwanis Club,  Sasser said he felt she was put in an unfair position because he didn’t feel she knew the rules governing all of the actions of the council.


Andrews was asked if she felt all city workers should be required to be residents of the city and Sasser pointed out that there are no requirements in any law stating they should.


Sasser said the jobs done by the city’s approximately 60  employees are so varied and the applicant pool is so small,  the City simply couldn’t hire the staff needed if they had to meet that requirement.  He felt that requirement would be too restrictive.


Touching on the issue of annexation,  Sasser said one primary requirement for property annexation into the City of Chipley is that the land must touch land already within the city limits.  However, he added those requirements are slowly being met.


When it came to expanding city-provided utilities south of I-10,  Sasser said applicants must sign an agreement volunteering to be annexed into the City of Chipley when their property becomes contiguous with property already within the city limits.


Sasser added that currently, the City of Chipley is running utilities, as well as conduit under I-10 on SR 77 to take gas lines south of the interstate.  He said this is being done in a move to attract larger restaurants to the area.  According to Sasser,  it is costing the city approximately $48,000 to run the 100 feet of required conduit.


He also mentioned the new well the city is putting in adjacent to SR 77 south of Chipley.  He said the site that was being looked at on Watford Circle has pretty much been ruled out and another site is being considered.  However, he added by going further south on SR 77 the city will lengthen the area along the roadway that can be developed for businesses.


Commenting on the need to expand/expanding the city’s utilities,  Sasser did point out that many of the lines supplying water and sewer to areas of Chipley are so old that they are riddled with leaks.  He described some as “100-year-old galvanized lines” and added the city is being faced with replacing a large number of the lines.










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