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Vernon, Florida Yellow Jacket Football Squad Holds Successful Fundraiser

If you shopped at the Chipley, Florida Walmart on Saturday, June 10, you probably ran into one or more Vernon, Florida Yellow Jacket Football players.

The event was a fundraising effort to enable to team to train through the summer months.

‘Our community in Vernon is fiscally challenged, compared to some’, said Vernon High School Principal Brian Riviere last week at Pattillo’s Restaurant on the campus of Florida Panhandle Technical College, as three Vernon graduates received scholarships from the Chipley Kiwanis Club to Chipola College.

‘Because of these challenges, we sometimes need to work harder, think outside the box more, and make things happen for ourselves’, Riviere said in an interview with Real Florida Magazine, ‘and events such as the fundraisers at the Chipley Walmart enable us to do more with less, because of the generosity of this community’.

‘I encountered a very nice young man at Walmart on Saturday’, said Real Florida Magazine President Debbie Goulding.  ‘He was too nice, however, and failed to ask for a donation.  After figuring out his purpose I gave him a few dollars, but after conversation with Principal Riviere, we are going to work with the Yellow Jackets this week to enhance their promotional skills’.

‘The Vernon effort was not too shabby, however, as they raised almost $1,800 on Saturday’, says Brian Riviere, ‘and we are proud of these young adults, and appreciative of this giving community’.

As most high schools in the region, the Yellow Jackets are in their full-on summer workout schedule, with weight training and several hours each day of football, and will again be at the Chipley Walmart on Saturday, June 24 to raise funds for the football program.



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