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Letter to the Editor ………

From Ron Plowe, Chipley, Florida.


History Says No To Trump’s Wall


The Chinese built the Great Wall.  – But!! The japs came by air and sea to shell and bomb the country.


The French built the Maginot Line.  – But!!  The Germans made an end run and France surrendered.


The Japanese built tunnels and fortified Mt. Souibachi.  But!!  Our Marines dug them out.


The Germans built barbed wire fences around P.O.W. Camps.   But!!  Our Marines dug them out.


The communists built the Berlin Wall.   But!!  People found their way to freedom and Reagan said tear it down.


The Israelis built a wall.  But!!  the Palestinians dug tunnels underneath.


I put my small son in his crib.  But!!  He put all his tops in the corner and climbed over.


Fences keep the deer and rabbits out.  But!!  The bugs fly over and eat my plants.


The hope of a better life will always inspire people to find a way under, around or over.  It didn’t save my garden and it won’t keep aliens out of our country.


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