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Chipley Council approves garbage rate increases ……

In a unanimous vote Tuesday night the Chipley Council approved the following changes to the City’s garbage pick-up rules and costs:


  •    Every residential unit within the city limits shall subscribe to the garbage/trash collection service, which the city provides, and pay a monthly fee of $20.04 for the collection service.  One cart will be provided  at this rate.  Upon request, one extra cart may be obtained for an additional cost of $4.74.


  •   Every business place within the city shall subscribe to the garbage collection service, which the city provides, and shall pay a minimum fee of $28.27 per month for such collection service.  One cart will be provided.  Upon request, an additional cart will be provided at the same cost as the first cart.


  •   Establishments using dumpster service shall pay $5.96 per cubic yard per week for each yard of capacity of the dumpster provided.  Garbage shall not be allowed above the top rim of the dumpster.  No concrete, wood or metal objects are permitted in the dumpster.  No hazardous waste will be allow in the dumpsters.  Proper disposal of hazardous waste is the responsibility of the customer.


  •   All leaves, pine straw, grass clippings, hedge trimmings, or other loose yard trash must be containerized and not combined with any other pick-ups.  Only proper yard bags are authorized; bags must be tied and will be collected once monthly.


  •   Large trash items, limbs and shrubbery must be piled on right-of-way, accessible to city equipment, and will be picked up once monthly.  For limbs and shrubbery in pile exceeding five cubic yards, owner must pay for the excess at a rate of $5.96 per cubic yard.  (Limbs cannot be longer than four feet in length and four inches in diameter.)


  •   Large limits include:  limbs, tree trunks and stumps larger than four inches in diameter and no longer than four feet in length will be considered a special pick-up.  Customers must make prior arrangements with the city for this service.  Charges for disposal will be based on time and expense.  No pick-up will be less than $25.00 minimum.  Customers will be notified by door hangers, letter or via utility bill.


  •   Bulky wastes such as old refrigerators, used furniture, and scrap metal will be picked up only during designated clean-up times.  No hazardous material will be picked up.


  •   Garbage and trash service is available only to regular customers at their residence.  Anyone requesting special trash pickup service due to vacant lot cleaning, house cleaning, etc., must  make prior arrangements with the city.  Charges for disposal will be based on time and expense.  No pickup will be less than $25.00 minimum.


Rates will be automatically adjusted in July of each year based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).






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