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Tips on growing succulents ……….


If you want to try planting your own succulents, here are a few basics:

  • Pick the right pot. The most important thing about making a pot first succulents is that it drains properly. Usually the best choice is a ceramic pot with a hole in the bottom.
  • Pick a good soil. Succulents are hardy, but they do best with a soil specifically formulated for them. You can find the soils at pretty much any garden shop.
  • Water properly. The easiest way to kill a succulent is to overwater. A good trick is to stick a chopstick into the soil, and if it comes back clean, it’s okay to water; if it comes back with any moisture at all you don’t need to water yet.
  • Give the morning light. Lots of succulents are desert plants, but that doesn’t mean they need tons of harsh light. Instead, succulents to best with 4 to 6 hours of morning light and indirect light for the rest of the day.
  • Trim dead leaves. Succulents are also prone to pests, and pests thrive dead foliage, so trim dead leaves as a part of regular upkeep.

If you want a few more tips, is a good, quick, visual guide from Sproutabl’s article on succulent plant care:


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