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Wausau Council agrees to work to rid community of feral cat problem ……..

Wausau resident Debye Walton-Shank attended the April 13th meeting of the Wausau Town Council to raise the issue of feral cats within the town limits.


by Kathy Foster


Initially Walton-Shank wanted permission to start a fund to be used to address the problem of feral cats in the community.   However,  Council members voted to purchase additional animal carriers  to be used to capture and remove the animals.


Walton-Shank said the feral cats are creating a problem by getting under her residence and tearing up the underpinnings  there.


Another Wausau resident at the meeting also raised the issue of a possible rabies outbreak because the feral animals are not receiving necessary shots.


Agreeing there is a  problem with feral cats,  Wausau Mayor Roger Hagan pointed out that since the town has required dogs be registered with Town Hall, that problem complaints about dogs have lessened,  but he didn’t suggest that cats also be registered.


Closing out the issue, council members said those having problems with feral cats on their property can call Town Hall and they will send out a maintenance person to remove the cat and take it to Washington County’s animal shelter.


Dealing with other agenda items, council members took the following actions:


  •  Accepted the resignation of James Walsingham as Recreation Director.
  •  Approved Alyssia Jackson as a part-time Recreation Director.
  •  Approved working with NCBA (National Caucus of Black Americans) to hire a part-time maintenance person.
  •  Approved revisions to the Fire Ordinance.
  •   Approved hiring part-time office help.
  •   Announced they are still looking for grant funding to do renovations to the Possum Palace, but added that some needed work had been completed by      Washington County Public Works.
  •   Tabled discussion of a report on the security system from Travis Hall.
  •    Agreed the Wausau Fire Department could continue to use the Carmichael House for training purposes.
  •   Voted to support Resolution 17-003 as requested by the City of Fort Walton Beach.  The resolution opposes HB 17 and SB 1158 which prohibits local government from imposing or adopting any new regulations on businesses  unless expressly authorized by the Legislature.
  •   Approved waiving rental fees on the Possum Palace for a Wrestling Benefit on behalf of Tony Hall set for April 29th.
  •   Approved purchase of a bush hog for the town’s tractor.
  •   Approved Resolution 17-001 adopting new Flood Plain maps for the Town of Wausau.




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