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Letter to the Editor from the Family of ‘Peewee’ Rogers ………

With our heartfelt thanks.


March 22, 2017

Dear Community,

We say community because our group is much bigger than a town, or sect, or even a county. We want to thank you for pouring your hearts into us, all of our lives, but especially over the last 10 years. Many of you were able to make it to Gerald “Peewee” Rogers Funeral and for that we are so appreciative, but we also know that many that helped us along the way were working and helping others, so we wanted to take a moment to thank you every one for how you loved us and loved Mr. Rogers. It did not go unnoticed, the visits, the stops on the street or in the store, the notes of encouragement, the events, the opportunities, the love, and the kindness that each of you have shown us both before and after his passing. Any of you that know him, knew he loved this place and know that he enjoyed interacting with people; whether talking, joking, watching, or encouraging, he always wanted to be involved. Thank you for letting him. We assure you that not one act of kindness went unnoticed or unappreciated as they were all so special to him, but also to us. It is wonderful to live in a community that loves each other and is always trying to help. We thank the medical professionals that always did their best to take care of him, the church family that cared for him and us, the friends, the family, and even the many bystanders that saw a need and acted in kindness, I can’t help but to remember the countless times that people in parades and at events came over to hand him some candy, or to make sure that he was comfortable. Thank you for supporting us through this difficult time of loss, the food, the time, the stories, the flowers and plants, the crying, and the hugs will never be forgotten. Mr Rogers said it best in a poem which we shared at the funeral titled “My Town,” saying “ Sure my town is just a little place, it’s not too big at all; but with all the blessings that we’ve got, it’s more big than it is small.” In closing, we will also leave you with an excerpt from his poem titled “Friendship” saying “My friend, you’re always there for me, our friendship never ends, I know no thanks are needed, but thanks anyway— My Friend.”

With all love and thankfullness,
Family of Gerald “Peewee” Rogers


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