By March 17, 2017

Save the Bascom School ……….

Help us renovate and re-purpose this valued community asset.



The Town of Bascom, FL tasked a motivated group of local citizens and former Bascom School students to form the Bascom School Renovation Project Committee to create and execute a plan to restore the 90-year old historic school into a functioning building that will sustain itself. Would you like to be a part of that exciting activity?
The renovated school will serve the greater Bascom community as a focal point for social, cultural, and educational activities. A wide variety of groups and organizations will use the facility and provide the financial support that will keep the enterprise lively and useful. But first we need your cooperation and support to renovate the building. It will take all sorts donations to make the vision a reality. Yes, we need cash, but we can also use materials, service, and hard work to get the job done. We have the elbow grease, but we need a variety of contributions.
Will you help make the Bascom School building useful again? Please send your cash contributions to: Bascom School Renovation Project Donnie Ray Southwell, Treasurer 4864 Georgia Road Bascom, FL 32423 (850) 569-2956

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