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Letter to Editor from John Legg …….

This letter to the editor should have never needed to occur if our  county officials would simply do their job and reply to information  requests! Here is the scoop …


• Dec 14, 2016 an email was sent to Public Works Mr. Terrell.
• Dec 29, 2016 the same email was sent a 2nd time as there was no reply to the 1st email.
• Jan 12, 2017 the same email was sent a 3rd time as there was  no reply to the 1st and 2nd emails.
• Feb 8, 2017 an email was sent to County Administrator Mr.  Hamilton asking why the emails were being ignored.
• Feb 10, 2017 Mr. Hamilton did reply with “Thank you for your  email. Due to scheduling, I will speak with Mr. Terrell late next week. ”


As of March 13, 2016 none of the question asked in the email to Mr. Terrell has been answered nor has any further communications been
received from Mr. Hamilton or Mr. Terrell.


In a recent Real Florida Magazine video, Washington County Manager Hank  Hamilton said, “I am not sure unpaved roads is a challenge, ah, you know
we just have to maintain um.”


Well Mr Hamilton, Buckhorn was graded on Feb 13, 2017, but not again  until March 8, 2017, and as one would expect, some spots were
washboard-hell. Is that what you call a maintained! Better yet why don’t  you checkout the YouTube video “Buckhorn Boulevard 2017-02-11 Washboard


County Officials also appear to think Buckhorn will be paved soon  because they submitted an FDOT SCOP Grant Application in April 2016.
However, the truth is Buckhorn is only approved for design in 2017, not paving. If actual paving were to occur it would begin in 2023, but there
is a Catch 22. Washington County will still have to compete with 12  other counties for the FDOT funds, and any unpaved road automatically
goes to the bottom of the list, vastly reducing the chances of approval  for paving.


The bottom line is, promises where made, but never kept, and we the citizens get to pay the price by having our vehicles destroyed by poorly
maintained roads.

John Legg



For reference, this is the email sent to to Washington County Public
Works Mr Terrell on Dec 14, 2016.

Hello Mr Terrell:
Would you please answer the following questions:

1) On 2016-11-09 you told me; next week we will put in new sand/clay mix
on Buckhorn Blvd from Peppervine to Burns Road. That has never happened,

2) On 2016-11-16 you told me; Buckhorn will be graded on a weekly basis.
That has not been happening, why?

3) On 2016-12-13 the grader only graded Buckhorn from Quail Hollow to
Peppervine and then stopped. Why wasn’t the the entire road graded when
the south-east end is a real mess and needs grading?

Would you also please include the following in you reply:
a) the number of graders the county has
b) the number of grader operators the county has
c) the number of rollers the county has

I look forward to your response.

John Legg


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