By February 26, 2017

Spring Creations of Arts & Crafts set for March 25th …..

Spring Creations Arts & Crafts Show Booth Reservation included here.
The date has been set the date for the next successful Spring Creations of Arts & Crafts.

The event will be held 
Saturday, March 25 at the Bascom School Renovation Project site in Bascom, Florida. Full details are enclosed in the booth reservation form below. The deadline for making your reservation is March 13th, 2017.   Event planners look forward to even more participation this year.  Those Artists and Crafters who joined in the fun  last year have said  they were very satisfied and  planned to return this year.   To meet the expected increase, organizers  have expanded the number of booth spaces available and added some additional and appealing activities to attract more customers.
Please consider participating in the 2017 Spring Creations of Arts & Crafts. Print out your form and mail in your booth reservation right away. Thank you!
Here are some photographs from our successful 2016 event.