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Letter to the Editor from Ron Jones ……..


In light of the fact that the Sunny Hills Library may be closed, the Civic Association would like for the BOCC and the Library to entertain the possibility of donating the library books, computers and other equipment necessary to keep the library open to the Civic Association for the public’s use in our new Civic Center building. We have spent the last 6 months renovating the old fire house for use as a viable meeting place. The two bays that once housed the fire apparatus will more than double our current space.

I have had many people express their concerns about the library closing. I think this would be a win, win situation for not only the residents and public who frequent the library, as well as the BOCC.

Please consider this request in making your decision.

I had intended on being at the meeting but have an appointment I must attend.

Feel free to contact me for any thoughts.

Ron Jones, President SHCA

Ron Jones Ron Jones Video Productions, LLC 850 773-1132 (Office) 850 814-3413 (Mobile)


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