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Wausau denies right-of-way abandonment request ………

Wausau Town Council members said work is needed at the Possum Palace.


by Kathy Foster


Following a lengthy “give and take” Thursday night,  Wausau’s Town Council rejected a street right-of-way request for abandonment submitted late last year by now Town Councilwoman Judy Carter.  Her request was opposed by Bobby Wood who questioned why Carter would receive more than one-half of the width of the 60 foot by 165 foot right-of-way.  Wausau Mayor Roger Hagan said that was the portion she had requested.


In final action on the subject council members voted to deny the abandonment request as originally presented, with the understanding that Wood, on behalf of his family, would be applying for a right-of-way abandonment that would involve the entire 60 foot by 300 foot road right-of-way in question.  Wood stipulated that each property owner would receive a deed turning over their portion of the abandoned right-of-way.


As part of Thursday night’s meeting Judy Carter was administered her oath of office and officially took her place on the council.


Council members then took a short break to welcome Carter on board.


The Wausau Town Council also took the opportunity Thursday night to present a plaque to the family of Genene Hicks who was elected to the council but died before taking office.  (Shown below)

















Council members approved the following items on their consent agenda:


  •  Payment of Town Bill, including FRDAP bills and other grant related bills.
  •  Fire Department minutes and training records.
  •  Minutes of the January 2017 meeting,
  •  Acceptance of water reports into record.


Council members also handled the following items:


  •  Accepted the annual audit prepared by Carr Riggs & Ingram after being told the Town is in good financial condition.
  •  Talked with Brandy Vaughn about a driveway culvert at her residence.  Councilman Paul Culbreth was directed to work with Washington County to find a solution to  the problem.
  • Approved a motion to have the Town Attorney Jeff Goodman address the town’s code enforcement ordinance with the intent of including fines in the ordinance.
  •  Voted to close out and make final payment for C-Miles Construction on Fourth Avenue Project.
  •  Approved Resolution 17-002 requesting 5 percent of BP monies.
  •  Approved Draft Flood Control Ordinance motion to advertise for adoption at the March meeting.


Before closing Thursday night’s meeting council members supported a request by Councilman DeWayne Carter that town personnel prepare a report on work (and related costs) needed at the Possum Palace in Wausau.  He said he had already approached Rep. Brad Drake about the possibility of funding for the park.  Carter said original funding for the facility was made possible by Bob Sikes when he was in office.









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