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President Trump’s Feb. 16th Press Conference ………

“President Trump Holds Hour-Long Presser”


Good evening.


President Trump Holds Hour-Long Presser

President Trump decided to follow his announcement that Alexander Acosta will be his next nominee for Labor Secretary with a lengthy press conference.

It was the first time, other than joint press conferences with foreign heads of state and a few informal gaggles, that the national press corps was able to ask numerous questions of President Trump.

The conference was a fascinating microcosm of the war emerging between the press and the White House. A must watch.

Topics covered included General Flynn’s resignation, the leaks coming from administration staffers, Trump’s connections with Russia, fake news, the President’s relationship with the Congressional Black Caucus, growing anti-semitism across the country and a number of others.


President Trump has tapped Alexander Acosta as his new pick for Labor Secretary following the withdrawal of Andrew Puzder.


Earlier in the day President Trump held a listening session with members of Congress at the White House. The President also signed H.J. Resolution 38, which removed a number of environmental restrictions on the coal industry in America.




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