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Mondays with Pete: January 2, 2017 ……..

Good morning and Happy New Year;

My New Year’s Day began with sounds of fireworks bursting at midnight and beyond in neighborhood by the Tulsa airport hotel. We had to be at the airport at 6 a.m. to catch an early flight home. The TV in the room next to ours was on all night long. I watched the pink, red and orange of a spectacular Oklahoma sunrise from inside the terminal. What a glorious way to begin the New Year.

As we prepared to board the plane, we waited and waited. Soon we were told there was a mechanical issue. Tension grew as we all looked at our watches and calculated the time between connecting flights. The flight was to leave at 7:40. At 9 a.m. they began to rebook flights. The part for the plane had to be flown in from Dallas and we would be there at 10 am.

It’s time to stress. Our connecting flight leaves Houston at 12:30 and it’s an hour and half flight from Tulsa. We’re re-booked on the 10:40 flight home. We did the math. We might just make it. If not, they have booked us on the next flight to Panama City which would give us a four hour layover and get us home around 7 p.m.

At 11 am we have not yet left Tulsa. It’s going to be close. I had resigned myself that it would be too close and what I had planned to accomplish the rest of the day would not happen. We landed at 12:25 in Houston at gate 20. The connecting flight leaves at 12:30 from gate 50. Can we make it?

We scurry up to the gate fully expecting to have missed the flight, but it was still at the gate. It was running late also. We settled into our seats catching our breath and thanking God a little bit for delays, but not much. I buckled my seat belt and the thought hit me – “What about the luggage. No way it’s going to make it.” 15 minutes behind schedule we land in Panama City at 2:15 p.m. The luggage did not make it, but we were home. The luggage would be delivered if it came in on the later flight. The doorbell rings at 10:30 p.m. as the luggage is dropped at our front door.

What a way to start the New Year. A day when we are supposed to be looking forward to new beginnings was day filled with delays, stress, hurrying and crisis. Would this be an omen for the coming year?

The office is quiet today as the church is closed for the holiday. I glance at my desk and look at a note Kay left me from a seminar she attended that summed up yesterday. The ABC’s of life – Accept your situation. Begin with the end in mind. Control what you can control. Do your very best. Enjoy the ride. Focus, focus focus!

As I sit at my desk this morning the ABC’s of life stare at me once again as I look at what this new year might hold. I see there is one more letter needed in the ABC’s of life. God is working in your situation. God knows the end He has in store for you. God is in control if you will let Him be in control. God seeks the very best in you and out of you. God wants you to enjoy the ride for it is His ride if we choose to get on. God’s focus is on us and He asks our focus to be on Him.
The ABC’s of life are important, but the G of life is what will make this New Year a blessing no matter what happens.


Rev. J. Pete Hyde
Santa Rosa Beach Community Church


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