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Wausau Council refuses to sanction Fire Chief …….

Wausau’s Town Council handled both a short meeting and lengthy workshop Monday night but ended up taking no action on a request from area resident Lynn Gothard regarding having Wausau Fire Sam Chief Rudd step down from that post for any length of time.


by  Kathy Foster


img_4891In the most recent chapter of what appears to be an ongoing series of disagreements between Gothard and Rudd,  Washington County Commissioner Lynn Gothard alleged Rudd has violated her civil rights by not running a re-election ad she had submitted to run in the 2016 Possum Festival book printed as a fund-raiser for the volunteer fire department.   Rudd has taken the position the ad was not submitted properly within the required time frame.


Gothard earlier had asked the Town Council to require Rudd to step down from the fire chief’s position for a period of time and offer her a public apology.   The issue came up prior to a workshop session the Town officials were holding Monday night with fire department volunteers, but council members opted to take no action until after close of the workshop.



Following the workshop,  the Town Council reconvened their meeting and once again took up the request. However, after a motion by Councilman Roger Hagan to have the fire chief step aside for six months and make a public apology failed to receive a second,  the meeting was adjourned with no other action on the matter.



Volunteers with the Wausau Fire Department were well represented at the workshop.  the firefighters were given until January to review revisions to Ordinance No. 08-004 which addresses how the department will be run and how volunteers will be held responsible for their duties within the department.









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