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Lynn Gothard addresses Wausau Town Council regarding Fire Chief blocking her civil rights …….

Addressing the Wausau Town Council Thursday night,  current Washington County Commissioner Lynn Gothard alleged Fire Chief Sam Rudd wrongfully refused to include the ad she had paid for to be included in the 2016 Funday program published by the fire department.


Gothard said she went to the Wausau Town Hall to buy an ad in the Possum Day program and on July 14th she received the check back with a paper saying she had missed the deadline.


Acknowledging her check was dated after the May 16, 2016 final date for ad submission,  Gothard then noted that 10 other political candidates had checks honored that were turned in after the same deadline that caused her check to be returned and their ads were run in the Possum Day program.


Gothard told council members Thursday night that it is her contention that Fire Chief Sam Rudd blocked  her civil rights, as well as discriminated against her.   She expressed her opinion that the fire chief particularly targeted her.


Gothard asked the council to assign one of its members to work with her concerning  the complaint and Councilwoman Berna Palmer was assigned.


The council also directed Town Clerk Margaret Riley to set up a meeting with Gothard,  Attorney Jeff Goodman,  Palmer and a member of the fire department to address the problem.





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