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Vernon City officizls voice concern over speeding on McFatter Street ……..

Vernon Councilman Shane Saunders presented plaque of appreciation.


by Kathy Foster


Vernon resident Hilton Kelly met with members of the Vernon City Council June 6 to discuss speeding problems within the city limits, and on McFatter Street in particular.


According to Kelly, while cars and trucks are part of the problem, greater concern is with the school buses using the street.  He said there are  frequently children along the roadway where  25 miles per hour is the posted speed limit, but too many buses, as well as other vehicles are exceeding that speed.


Kelly said local citizens are not only breaking the law, but are setting a bad example.  He was more concerned that people are setting a bad example, than he appeared to be about the death threats he said he and a neighbor have received.


Agreeing with Kelly that there is a problem, council members directed that letters be sent to the Washington County District School office and the Sheriff’s Department asking their assistance in correcting the problems.


008Council members also took time at the June 6 workshop to present Councilman Shane Sanders a plaque in appreciation for his more than 20 years with the Vernon Volunteer Fire Department.


Washington County Commission Alan Bush was on hand to thank Sanders for all of his volunteer hours with the county’s volunteer fire departments.


Discussing other concerns, council members took the following actions:


  •  Directed Clerk Michelle Cook to  look at State Bids before they decide if they will purchase a new or used truck.
  •  Were informed a pump is down at the spray field, but were told it will be pulled out and checked this week.
  •   Indicated they had no problem with Gulf Coast Asphalt using some City land for equipment storage.
  •   Councilmembers reminded everyone that the Annual Vernon Firecracker Pageant would be held June 18th.



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