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VMS students demonstrate “giving back” …………

Mrs. Rackley’s students at Vernon Middle School have been making a difference in their schools and communities, one project at a time. Students have completed projects that range from taking cookies to local law enforcement to feeding a hungry child in a third world county. Several students also took this opportunity to bring to light issues that teens face such as self-acceptance and bullying, and created educational posters and presentations about these issues to share with their peers. One student created an Autism awareness campaign, educating other students on the impact of Autism and common misconceptions about individuals living with Autism.

Chloe Taylor, a VMS 8th grader, shared how the service project made her feel. “The service project Mrs. Rackley assigned to me meant giving back to the community. With the money my partners and I made from our bake sale, we used it to buy supplies for… [a] classroom in hopes of furthering students’ education.” Alayna Brown felt the same when she and her partner delivered brownies to the VMS staff. “Being able to go throughout our school and [give] back to our wonderful staff members was great. They go above and beyond for us.”

Several stand-out projects include a skate park clean-up initiative documented through videos, a student-organized social at a local nursing home, and a Nurse Appreciation Day initiative. One student, Elisha Taylor, chose to help his family by teaching his elderly grandparents how to use technology to properly take a selfie. His reasoning behind this project was that social connections have been proven to keep elderly individuals healthier and happier. “I wanted my grandparents to be able to use technology to connect with others. What better way to keep up with the latest technology trend of taking selfies?”

Hannah Walters summed up her experience when she said, “This service project made me feel like I could make a difference and be apart of something bigger than myself.”

You can see more stand-out projects on the Vernon Middle School Facebook page.


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Students Tyler Watford and Trey Works donate their time to clean a VMS classroom for a teacher.


Nicholas Quinn and Ethan Yates deliver cookies to the Vernon and Chipley Fire Departments to show their appreciation.




Tyrick Davis cleans up his church, Church of God by Faith in Vernon, FL
Grand Old Selfieslisha Taylor teaches his grandfather how to properly take a selfie so his grandparents can take advantage of the technology they own to keep in touch with others.



Mercedes Sim, Tashara Roche, and Sage Cox visited the officers and delivered cookies to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.


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