By April 21, 2016

BOCC says politics don’t play a major role in Washington County life ……..

by Kathy Foster


The Washington County Board of County Commissioners made the observation at their April 20 workshop that politics don’t play a role in the daily lives of the people of the county.


Stop laughing!


Then they started DISCUSSING  road projects and which  project was the most important.   They pretty much ended that discussion with  County Commissioner Todd Abbott telling county personnel not to pull any county workers off his current road project since it is almost done,  and County Commissioner Lynn Gothard asking for county workers to complete the FEMA work started in District 1 several years ago.  She said county workers haven’t been in her District for some time.




Then let’s go on to their discussion about hiring a new county administrator .  They had been told the list of applicants had been narrowed to three and they would rank those applicants at their May 21st meeting.


Commissioners had not been made aware of the names of the  three potential candidates; however, Commissioner Alan Bush made what I’m sure he thought was a funny aside – “I didn’t know who was selected.  Had I known the outcome might have been different.”


At one point discussion turned to a new candidate for the Washington County Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission was asked to vet the candidates and make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners.  It was pointed out that some members of the Planning Commission might not like one of the candidates and oppose that individual.  Sometimes that just how it works out.


Yes, it is my feeling that  politics play an important role in how some things get done in Washington County.


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