By April 2, 2016

Letter to the Editor from a concerned citizen ……..

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to complain about the condition of Sam Mitchell Public Library, a branch of Washington County Public Library. I am a loyal patron to this branch; I have been going to this facility for nearly twenty years. I must say that I am very disappointed in the condition of this building. For all of the years that I have been going to this library, it has never looked to be in worse condition. This place is the only public service building we have in Vernon and to have it in such a poor state is disheartening. We should put value in places such as this, which enriches the public and provides valuable services and a safe place for our children to go after school.

The state in which the building is in is almost shocking. I have walked in numerous times to find whole tiles, debris, and nails littering parts of the floor where the ceiling had fallen in from leakage. I’m led to believe that the librarians and other staff members are in charge of dealing with the building when things like this occur. Not only does this make the ceiling itself look unstable, it makes its patrons feel unsafe. Imagine if one of these wet and moldy (another health problem for those with allergies) tiles were to fall on one of us or our child. If a child were to step on one of the nails that fell to the floor. This type of safety hazard just shouldn’t be happening in a place that is supposed to value its patrons. While researching on one of the library computers, I heard little noises coming from inside of the ceiling. I wasn’t the only patron to hear the pitter-patter above and everyone thought the noises could possibly be caused by rodents. I’ve heard that a squirrel was able to get into the building through one of the spaces provided by the missing tiles. The next day, books were found with bite marks on them and headphone wires had been chewed through. Who knows what sort of irreparable damage could have been done?

Sam Mitchell Public Library is, as far as I know, one of the only places in Vernon that provides the public with free access to books, computer usage, wireless internet, and provide a summer program for kids. Don’t you think we should place value in an institution as irreplaceable as this? I believe we should make this building be as safe and entertaining as we can. I’m writing to anyone that will please consider fixing up our library and making it into a safe, nice-looking building, inside and out, that everyone will be completely excited to enter.

A Concerned Patron


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