By February 15, 2016

Letter to the Editor from Dorothy Odom

I attempted to take my recycling to the Recycling Center just north of Wausau today.

While there I observed two cars leave and two other people inside the front office trying to find an attendant.


Once he came from around back he told us we would need to line up at the gate and wait for him to take us around back to deposit our recyclable material, after he finished taking care of the man with a car load of cans. So we lined up!


I understand the dilemma that the county has with people dumping garbage at these sites but making it harder for the honest citizens is not the answer. Perhaps the bins could be left out during the day on week days when there is a presence at the center and stored behind the fence after five and on the weekends. I doubt anyone is dumping garbage during the day when someone is there.


Secondly, lose the pencil sharpener mounted on the telephone pole that has been a joke for years and replace it with a real surveillance camera. If the fines were steep enough the county would recoup their investment after one or two infractions and catch the people dumping.


I had hoped that we would be able to increase recycling drop spots in the county in the future making it easier for citizens to join in the recycling effort, instead we are making it more difficult.


If this is your only answer to the problem than the county could at the very least hire enough staff to make sure the new method runs smoothly.

Dorothy Odom


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