By January 4, 2016

Wausau, Florida celebrates ‘Laurell Harvey Day’

Courtesy of The Goulding Agency


Laurell Harvey was born, grew up and lived in Wausau, Florida most of her life, one of the youngest of a family of nine children.

Fortunate to still be surrounded by family in the area, Harvey retired Dec. 31st after 28 years working in the Wausau, Florida Post Office on December 31, 2015.

On Saturday, January 2, 2016 the Town of Wausau declared December 31 as ‘Laurell Harvey Day’, to be observed yearly in her honor, and celebrated her retirement.

With the exit of Laurell Harvey, unfortunately, also go some of the old-time courtesies and services, at one time expected, but recently replaced with less personal contact.

In her personal life, Harvey has visited the sick, offered condolences in trying times and helped celebrate better occasions with her patrons and the community.

With fiscal challenges over the past few years have come attempts to close the Wausau Post Office, defeated in large part by the community response, citing Harvey’s service and responsiveness.

‘I have enjoyed my life and my job for as long as I can remember’, says Harvey, a slight, soft-spoken genteel lady, ‘and I look forward to having more time for family and friends’.

A long-time member of Wausau Assembly of God Church, Laurell was surrounded on Saturday in the church fellowship hall by brothers and sisters, friends and patrons of the postal facility, all present to wish her well.


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