By December 21, 2015

Dalton & Maidy Carter celebrate 60th wedding anniversary ……

The accompanying photo depicts the moment 60 years ago, on December 20th, 1955, when Dalton Carter and Dalton & Maidy Carter 2015 60th AnniversaryMaidelene Taylor departed the home of Maidy’s parents, George and Lila Taylor of Wausau, Florida, to become husband and wife. The photo was taken by Maidy’s mother. Through the following years, their marriage has been one based on God, faith, love and plenty of collards and has resulted in four children, six grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.


In celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary, Dalton and Maidy were honored at a luncheon at Sonny’s BBQ in Marianna, Florida by their sons and their wives Dennis and Debbie Carter of Gainesville, Florida, Randy and Julie Carter of Wausau, Florida and Jackie Wayne and Karen Carter of Cottondale, Florida, as well as their granddaughter, Laine Crowe.


After a meal of barbeque and fixins’, a beautiful cake was presented to the couple. Many family memories were shared around the table and plans made for many more in the future.


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