By November 13, 2015

Wausau councilmembers vote to bring widened Hwy 77 through town ……

Council approved Resolution 15-08 requesting that the planned Hwy 77 expansion occur through the proposed downtown re-alignment.


by Kathy Foster


023In a 3 to 2 vote the Wausau Town Council voted Thursday night to bring the widening project through town on the existing Hwy 77 route, so the realignment and expansion does not bypass the town of Wausau.


Wausau Mayor BJ Phillips and Councilwoman Marlene Blount opposed the measure; however Council members Dallas Carter, Roger Hagan and Berna Palmer supported the move.


When asked how the widening project would affect the town’s parade route,  council members said they were sure there would be some changes required.




Dealing with other agenda items, council members took the following actions:


  •  Approved a resolution supporting ‘Healthiest Weight Florida’ noting that obesity rates in the U.S.have increased dramatically over the last 30 years, and obesity is now epidemic in the United States.  In Florida, only 36.4% of adults are at a healthy weight.  Additionally, 6 out of 10 children born today will be obese by the time they graduate from high school.


  • Heard from Wausau Volunteer Fire Department Chief Sam Rudd who reported that the department made $1,400 at their recent fish fry.  He also said the department currently has 24 people on its roster.  Councilman Roger Hagan asked Rudd to keep the council what is going on within the fire department.  Council members agreed to pay one-half of the cost to send one volunteer to firefighter’s school.  He also told Rudd that in the future he wants to hear information about the department from the fire chief rather than the news media.


  •  Met with Washington County Fire Coordinator Gene Brandow to discuss the SAFER grant awarded the county.  The grant will provide stipends for volunteer firefighters, personal protective equipment for new recruits, training, and retention and recruitment tools.  Teh SAFER Grant is intended to provide a limited expense stipend to reimburse volunteer firefighters for their personal expenses incurred in services to the community.  The program provides an incrementally increasing stipend to encourage participation in training, response to emergency calls and standing by at fire stations.  Brandow said the Vernon and Sunny Hills departments will be manned stations and will utilize firefighters from the county’s various fire departments.


  •  Bobby Walsingham reported there are problems with beaver dams backing up water in  at least area crossing Pioneer Road.  County Commissioner Lynn Gothard was in attendance at the meeting and noted that the county is already working on the problem.


  •  Announced that the town’s attorney would be sending letters to those town residents who have not registered their animals.
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