By June 3, 2015

CRA told no ‘Splash Pad’ at Gilmore Park ….

CRA members pointed out that it takes a lot of water to supply a splash pad and that water would add to flooding problems already facing the city.


by Kathy Foster


The Chipley Redevelopment Agency (CRA)  still supports a ‘Splash Pad’ for area children, but have been told that known drainage problems within Chipley will prevent placing the pad at Gilmore Park.  Cost of the estimated park was placed at $30,000 to $40,000 for an open system and $60,000 for a closed system.


During the CRA meeting June 2nd members discussed the possibility of placing a CRA-funded  splash pad on the grounds next to the Washington County Historical Society museum, with a fence put in place to keep children from the train tracks located just north of that  location.


They also discussed locating a CRA-funded splash pad on the land now occupied by the Mongoven Building on South Railroad Avenue in Historic Downtown Chipley.  CRA members were told it would cost an estimated $1.3 million to rehab the building, a figure they feel will prevent work on the building.    Should the building be torn down,  a splash pad could be placed at that site and there would be parking available across the street and sidewalks are already in place.


They said final decision on either of those locations would be up to the City of Chipley.


The CRA members were also told state grant funds might be available to place a splash pad at Pal’s Park where drainage would not be a problem.  But again said placement of a pad there would be up to city officials.


002CRA members also looked at the Alleyway Project that is slated to run along the alley just west of Hwy 77 in downtown Chipley between Hwy 90 and Railroad Avenue.   It was decided that the CRA would meet with new property owners at 4 p.m. on July 21st to discuss the project.




The CRA approved a Facade Grant in the amount of $24,000 for Andrew S. Fleener for property located at 1239 Jackson Avenue in Chipley.  The grant funding is to cover costs to improve the appearance all four sides of the building that will house a retail business.



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