By June 2, 2015

Governor Rick Scott Signs 17 Bills into Law ……

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott signed the following bills into law today:

HB 5 Guardianship Proceedings – This bill revises guardianship laws to strengthen due process protections in guardianship proceedings.

HB 7 Public Records/Claim Settlement on Behalf of a Minor – This bill provides certain exemptions from public records requirements for court records relating to the settlement of a claim on behalf of a minor.

HB 27 Driver Licenses & Identification Cards – This bill authorizes the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to accept a military personnel identification card as proof of a Social Security number when applying for a Florida driver’s license or identification card.

HB 185 Public Records/Active Duty Servicemembers and Families – This bill provides an exemption from public records requirements for certain identification and location information of current or former service members of the United States Armed Forces, Reserve Forces, or National Guard, including their spouses and children.

HB 213 Property Appraisers – The bill provides that a property appraiser’s budget shall be funded once the Department of Revenue makes its final budget recommendation.

HB 239 Medication and Testing of Racing Animals – This bill prohibits the use of certain medications on racing animals and revises laws regarding the prosecution and penalties of those in violation.

HB 305 Unlawful Detention by a Transient Occupant – This bill provides a mechanism for the removal of an unwanted guest who has unlawfully remained in another person’s residence.

HB 307 Mobile Homes – This bill makes several revisions regarding the Florida Mobile Home Act, including requiring training and education programs for mobile home owners.

HB 329 Special License Plates – This bill authorizes the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to issue new special use license plates for Combat Action Ribbon, Air Force Combat Action Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, World War II Veteran, Woman Veteran, and Navy Submariner.

HB 439 Department of Legal Affairs – This bill improves operations within the Department of Legal Affairs, expands eligibility for victim assistance awards, and enhances consumer protection.

HB 641 Amusement Games or Machines – This bill provides for the use of amusement games and machines, the award of points, coupons, prizes, and replays. This bill also limits the use of amusement games and machines to certain locations.

HB 715 Eligibility for Coverage by Citizens Property Insurance Corporation – This bill removes the prohibition of certain improvements to major structures from being eligible for Citizens Property Insurance coverage. The bill also revises provisions regarding coverage for major structures that have undergone specified changes after a date certain.

HB 775 Appointment of an Ad Litem – This bill authorizes the court to appoint an ad litem for representation of a person who cannot be located or is unknown in certain civil proceedings.

HB 779 Rental Agreements – This bill requires 30 days notice to a tenant before they may be evicted from a foreclosed home.

HB 791 Residential Properties – This bill revises provisions relating to condominiums, cooperative, and homeowners’ associations including voting and notice requirements.

HB 7019 Workforce Services – This bill changes the name of Workforce Florida, Inc. (WFI) to CareerSource Florida, Inc. throughout Florida Statutes, and creates a task force to develop the state’s plan for implementing the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014.

SB 7061 Public Records/Florida RICO Act – This bill provides an exemption from public records requirements for information held by an agency investigating violations of the Florida RICO Act.


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