By March 3, 2015

Sunny Hills residents concerned with trash dumping and stray animals …….

While their membership is lower than past years, the Sunny Hills Civic Association is still a sounding board for many of the areas residents.


by Kathy Foster


Although attendance was small at the March 2nd meeting of Sunny Hills Civic Association, those attending seemed to support the idea of keeping the Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU) put in place a few years ago –  even after the outstanding debt is paid off in 2016.


There were responding to a letter from Washington County Commissioner Lynn Gothard  published in the Sunny Hills Civic Association March newsletter – a portion of which stated the following:


“The current MSBU loan was originally approved by BOCC on July 24, 2003 and refinanced on 3/31/2008  for $2,049,742.00 with 20 repayment terms.  Most current loan statement dated 7/13/2014 shows loan balance of $77,079.75.  Assessment money received in 2015 will be used to pay down the debt and a final payment will be made in early 2016.  By committing to a debt pay-down, this loan will be paid of 12 years early saving the taxpayers of Sunny Hills in excess of $300,000.00 interest.  After the final loan payment is made in early 2016, a decision will need to be made regarding the future of the MSBU assessment and a new Resolution will need to be adopted.  During this process, the taxpayers of the Sunny Hills/Oak Hill community need to let the BOCC hear their concerns, ideas, and thoughts regarding their wishes on the assessment.”


Those at the meeting were urged to attend meetings of the Board of County Commissioners to discuss the MSBU.


The following items were also discussed at the meeting:


*  The Red White & Blue Fest National Patriot Rally being hosted in Sunny Hills May 1st-3rd.  The special event will include workshops on The Constitution, Citizen grand Juries, Citizen Warrants, Property rights, Federalist papers, American Exceptionalism, Legal remedies for redress of Citizen Grievances, Vetting Candidates, The importance of the Oath, Constitutional Sheriffs, and Starting We The Kids History Clubs. The event is being billed as three days of Family Festival Events.


*  Members voiced concern over the problem with stray animals in the community and were told to contact the Washington County Animal Control office at 638-6306.


*  Concern was also voiced about trash dumping throughout the Sunny Hills area and it was suggested those having problems contact Washington County Coordinator David Corbin at 638-6200.