By January 10, 2014

Salvation Army closing store in Chipley ….

Citizens feel vital service being lost.   Asking area residents to sign petition to keep thrift store open.


2014January9amKathysCamera 001The Salvation Thrift Store open on Hwy 77 in historic downtown Chipley will close Jan. 31st according to those working to get petitions signed to keep the store open.


2014January9amKathysCamera 003


Those signing the petition are asking the State Headquarters to keep the store operating and remind the higher-ups that the store has been serving Washington County and surrounding area for 25 years and offers vital services to the area.



2014January9amKathysCamera 004They note,  “Washington County is a mostly rural area with a high density of low income residents who will be left without the services of this wonderful organization and the tirelessly and compassionately assist with many needs, including providing essential services to help people rehabilitate themselves.”


Asking that the store be spared closure,  the petitioners say the closure will have a devastating impact on those using the store.


Why not stop by the Salvation Army store in Chipley, look around because everything is 50 to 75% off,  and add your name to the petition.

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