By September 27, 2013

Chipley tradition closing its doors today …..

Today is your final chance to have your hair trimmed by Chipley barber Francis Hays.   He opened his shop on Hwy 90 in 1953 and Sept. 27, 2013  marks his retirement from the barbering business.


Friends stopped by the neighborhood shop during the morning to wish him well and have their hair cut by him one more time.


Hays said both his father, Oscar Hays, and his uncle, Lem Hays, had a barber shop in Chipley long before he opened his.   Their shop was located where the Dollar General store in located on Hwy 77  in the downtown area.  The Hays’ barber shops have served as a sharing place for good stories and local news.


Francis said his brother Harvey Hays at one time had a chair in the current shop, but left to pursue other opportunities.


2013Sept27HaysBarberShop 002Harold Gainey, pictured at the right with with Francis and Juanita  Hays,  was one of those stopping by Friday morning for a haircut and said members of the Hays family had cut his hair for over 60 years.



2013Sept27HaysBarberShop 008


At the left is a photo of one  of Hays’ newcomers –  John Foster who has only been      having the barber give him haircuts for 20 years.





2013Sept27HaysBarberShop 012


Pictured a the left are  Retired Judge Perry Wells who married Juanita and Francis Hays in the barber shop 32 years ago.



And, pictured below are Juanita and Francis Hays as they wish you a very good day.   The couple have three children, 10 grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren.



2013Sept27HaysBarberShop 010

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