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Washington County Arrest Report July 8 to July 16, 2013 …..

The Washington County Sheriff’s Department has released the following ¬†Arrest Report:

Adkison, Lacey WF 07-27-92 7/15/2013 Vernon, FL Recomit on Poss of Para and Purchase of Cocaine

Barnes, Jessie WM 12-15-72 7/14/2013 Bonifay, FL Resist Officer with violence X 2, Assault of LEO

Colbert, Cheryl WF 12-10-58 7/14/2013 Bonifay, FL Poss of Meth with intent, Poss of Para, Poss of Controlled Sub without a RX, Poss of Listed Chemical

Culp, Gina WF 06-13-71 7/8/2013 Chipley, FL Sell of Opium

Dodson, David WM 03-24-87 7/9/2013 Springfield, FL VOSP on Poss of Controlled Sub without a RX

Dupree, Dennis WM 07-19-74 7/14/2013 Chipley, FL Battery

Durrance, Dustin WM 04-28-80 7/13/2013 Cottondale, FL Holmes County WRT for Child Support

Haines, Michael WM 03-01-88 7/9/2013 Chipley, FL Poss of Controlled Sub without a RX, Flee and Elude, DWLSR, Poss of Mari LT 20, Poss of Para

Hardy, Wayne WM 01-12-58 7/8/2013 Caryville, FL Criminal Mischief

Lawrence, Freddie WM 09-28-56 7/15/2013 Chipley, FL Petit Theft, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Mischief

Livingston, Antonia BF 02-16-89 7/8/2013 Chipley, FL Battery

Mamoran, Vina WF 12-28-73 7/15/2013 Sunny Hills, FL Battery

McDade, Jerry WM 09-13-50 7/9/2013 Vernon, FL Violation of Injunction for Protection

Reed, Shaun BM 12-12-67 7/10/2013 Chipley, FL Specific Felony commit act could cause death X 2

Rolling, Gregory WM 03-29-71 7/8/2013 Graceville, FL Traffic in Opium

Sanders, Douglas WM 08-27-77 7/10/2013 Crestview, FL Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Poss of Para, Poss of Mari LT 20

Sisson, Mark WM 07-02-72 7/8/2013 Cottondale, FL Harass Witness, victim or Informant, Trespassing, Recomit on Sell of Meth

Street, Walter WM 11-15-65 7/14/2013 Caryville, FL DUI

Turner, Richard WM 04-21-81 7/9/2013 Chipley, FL Warrantless Arrest for Bay County VOSP on Forgery, Frand and Larc

Watts III, Joseph BM 04-30-80 7/9/2013 Panama City, FL Sex Assault

West, Robert BM 07-28-62 7/14/2013 Chipley, FL VOCP on DWLSR

Williams Sr, Darren BM 12-25-68 7/15/2013 Chipley, FL Osceola County WRT for Child Support


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