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Washington County Arrest Report

The Washington County Sheriff’s Department has released the following arrest report running from April 29th to May 6th.


                                                                             Media Release
 04-29-13 to 05-06-13
Adams Jr. Travis WM 07-15-78 5/2/2013 Graceville, FL Resist Officer with violence, DWLSR, Holmes County VOSP on Poss of Controlled Sub, Poss of Meth
Birge, Cody WM 11-20-80 5/2/2013 Chipley, FL Producing Marijuana
Carroll, Slyrainna BF 08-24-84 5/4/2013 Caryville, FL Resist Officer without violence, Tamper with Evidence, Poss of Controlled Substance
Carter, James WM 08-13-68 5/1/2013 Chipley, FL Harass witness, victim or informant
Copeland, Nicholas WM 05-02-94 5/4/2013 Chipley, FL Carrying a concealed weapon, VOSP on Poss of Controlled Substance
Ezell, Carol WF 0710-58 5/3/2013 Bonifay, FL FTA on Worthless Check
Fears Sr.,  John WM 03-17-54 5/2/2013 Chipley, FL VOSP on Poss of Marijuana with intent
Glass, Barry WM 05-14-75 4/29/2013 Marietta, GA Operating a Motor Vehicle without a valid license, Resist Officer without violence
Grayson, Debra WF 05-24-76 5/1/2013 Chipley, FL Violation of Injunction
Green, Michael WM 12-13-69 5/3/2013 Bonifay, FL Bay County WRTs for Petit Theft and VOCP on Disorderly Conduct
Hammond, Karen WF 10-27-64 5/3/2013 Birmingham, AL DUI
Hardrick, Roy BM 12-07-90 4/30/2013 Chipley, FL VOSP on Poss of Marijuana with intent
Harris, James WM 05-21-79 5/1/2013 Panama City, FL Bay County WRT for Battery
Jackson, Hollis BM 12-26-56 5/2/2013 Vernon, FL Seminole County WRT for VOSP on Burglary and Battery
Lawrence, Freddie WM 09-28-56 5/3/2012 Chipley, FL Holmes County WRT for VOCP on Disorderly Conduct
Major, Zachary WM 03-03-91 5/2/2013 Lynn Haven, FL VOSP on Felony Battery
Marcum, Kyle WM 02-23-89 5/3/2012 Chipley, FL Battery
Martinez, Jorge HM 10-05-66 5/4/2013 Miami, FL Giving False Information to LEO, DWLSR
McDaniel, Brandon WM 02-06-94 5/1/2013 Cottondale, FL Dealing in Stolen Property X 2, Theft, Burglary on Unoccupied Structure
Walker, Rita WF 05-26-65 5/4/2013 Houston, TX Battery
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