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Apalachee Crape Myrtle – The Spring Wonder Crepe Myrtle

by John V. Foster


apalacheecrapemyrtle[1]Occasionally blooming earlier than most Crepe Myrtles, Apalachee has a sweetish odor in a delicate light lavender large bunches of blooms for most of the Summer, sometimes past Labor Day.

As a tree, Apalachee grows to 20 feet tall or rarely more, with a Cinnamon-to-Chestnut colored bark that gently exfoliates in the late Summer and Fall.

As with most Crepe Myrtles, Apalachee is resistant to both deer and rabbit browsing and is exceptionally mildew resistant.

A tough tree, Apalachee is root hardy in USDA Zone 6 and top hardy in Zones 7-9. It looks really wonderful next to an older home or a home with faded paint colors, seemingly like it has always belonged there

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