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Chipley Launches New Tornado Warning System

The City of Chipley has announced that the siren will be used to help alert citizens to tornado warnings. The siren will be activated when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning within the surrounding area or when a tornado is spotted or reported by a public safety official within our area.

Public safety officials will audibly test the siren on the first Friday of each month between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Silent tests will be conducted to assure system readiness.

The new siren has a generator that will provide power so we will be able to sound them even in the event that the power is out; this is a major advantage as in some cases power fails prior to an actual Tornado Warning.

The siren is an additional layer in our multi-tiered approach in communicating emergency information to our citizens. Residents monitoring an AM/FM radio or television can receive alerts through the Emergency Alert System. Residents also can receive alerts via their mobile devices utilizing the National Weather Service alert system. The addition of the siren helps us better inform those who are outside in their yard, at the park or are driving in the surrounding area.

The siren is located on the water tower at the intersection of Main Street (Hwy 77) and Jackson Ave. (Hwy 90).

The City of Chipley provided the funding for the project

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