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Sheriff’s Office Identifies Woman Shot In Standoff

On Tuesday, December 4th at approximately 12:17 p.m. Washington County Sheriff’s Office received a call from National Crisis Hotline in reference to a female caller who was residing at 5463 North Blue Springs Road in south Washington County.

An officer with Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded and was met by a female who was armed with a rifle in the front yard of the home. The female told the officer to leave the property. As the officer was leaving, the female fired two rounds in the direction of the officer. The officer was able to reenter his vehicle where he was able to request backup.

Officers with both Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Bay County Sheriff Office responded to the scene to assist the officer. Bay County SWAT took position at the residence as well as Sheriff Frank McKeithen with Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Bobby Haddock with Washington County Sheriff’s Office was able to reach the female by telephone and during a 15 minute conversation attempted to convince her to relinquish her weapon to authorities. The female was adamant that any attempt by law enforcement to come near her home would result in her firing on both officers and subsequently herself.

Sheriff Haddock was able to convince the female to accept a phone call from Sheriff McKeithen who was on scene at the time. Sheriff McKeithen was able to speak to the female for approximately one hour via telephone. During this time the female remained armed on the porch of her residence.

Following this conversation, Bay County SWAT team fired a non-lethal round that struck the female and knocked her to the ground. She was able to recover and pointed her weapon in the direction of the SWAT team members. Officers with Bay County SWAT then fired at the female.

EMS, who was standing by on scene at the time, rendered immediate aid to the female who was then taken via Air Heart to Bay Medical in Panama City, FL.

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